The Marble Run

After completing a marble maze, I decided I could do more with marbles so i decided to create a marble run. I did this by first starting with how im going to go about making it and I decided to use 3d printing to create the turns and the ramp and to use laser cutting for the straight ways. I then proceeded to executing those task. I made the turns and the ramp using fusion 360; I created my own shape using the line tool, then i extruded it up twice, one being smaller then the other. I then used the smaller shape to cut out a chunk of the center of the bigger shape. I use this method to create both the ramp and the turns then I proceeded to 3d print the pieces but they were a bit over sized so I had to print them out in peaces. The straight way was a lot more simple, I started with a long box i created in inkscape with the line tool but then left three peaces out; the top, bottom, and one of the sides. Then i flattened the edges creating a straight way then I proceeded to cut. Afterwards I glued all the peaces together and mounted them on a board and i decided to add some things to the middle for a little more fun. Over all this was all kind of discombobulating getting this all together because I was working and doing a whole lot of other things over the summer so I was un-able to dedicate enough time to this that was needed.