Jelly box build portfolio

So i’m going to be describing my time with the 3d printer building class and the things i have learned while in this class.
When i first started out i only knew a small amount of how to build a 3d printing but i knew a lot about using a 3d printer but now that its over i have learned some things on how to build a 3d printer.
The jelly box that me and my team were given was used before us and that proved to be VERY complicated during the building process. The team work we had while making it was extremely good, nearly the entire time we where in the class at least one person was doing something to build the jelly box. The biggest problem we had was by far having almost none of the pieces required to make the shell/outerbox of the jelly box and the fan part of the extruder which ended up breaking and we had to get another one.
But at least we had one thing going for us since it was pre-owned some of the parts were already put together so some of the work was already done when we got to that part.
To end this entry i would like to say that i would retake this class if it ever was repeated in the DHF and i would also recommend this class to friends that are also interested in 3d printers
Thanks for reading!

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