CCBC follow-up and final post

This is it, the final post i’m going to do for ccbc. its been a fun ride but its coming to and end (a little later then expected) at long last. I was requested to take photos and video of my lego mini figure and rube goldburg machine from ccbc so thats what i will be posting here.

The leg as you can see is only half printed, the red of it didn’t finish. i was going to re print it but i liked the look it gave off so i decided to keep it, not because i’m lazy or anything i just like the way it looked.

The figure was made in fusion 360 from scratch by me using the real sizes of a lego mini figure

the video i recorded for my rube goldburg/marble run was too big to put on this site so i uploaded it to youtube.

you can find the video from this link:

As i explained in other posts and the new video, my Rube goldburg marble run is not complete yet, it kind of works at some angles but not 100%. I hope that i can come back to it at one point and fully complete it.

Thank you for reading my last post!

-Roman DeArmas

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