Scratch Game: Spook

For this project, I used Scratch to create a platform game where my hero sprite, “Ghostie” navigates the darkness and defeats her demons. In my first iteration of the game, I created the hero sprite and the background of the first level, which is a graveyard. I was interested in Ghostie’s motion — I wanted her to float in a ghost-like way, so I had her move very subtly up and down the y axis while not moving in any specific direction. Below is my script for Ghostie’s motion with the blocks that control her floating highlighted.

I wanted to add obstacles, so I created a demon sprite that flies out of the moon, glides to a random position, and then clones itself. I used collision detection blocks to cause Ghostie’s contact with the demons to signal the “You’re Doomed” screen.


Finally, I created an ectoplasm sprite that Ghostie can regurgitate when the space bar is pressed. The motion of this sprite isn’t as smooth as I would like and it only goes straight as of now, so I want to work more on this. If the ectoplasm makes contact with a demon, Ghostie can progress to Level 2. Also, when the ectoplasm is launched, it makes a fun puking noise that I recorded myself making.

I have not constructed all of Level 2 yet, but I eventually want to create another creepy sprite that Ghostie will have to contend with.