CCBC Project 4: Lego Figure



P4: Lego figure



Once again using the program Fusion 360, we were tasked with designing and 3D printing a full LEGO mini-figure.

To start, we needed to measure each part of the LEGO mini-figure we were given. Then we went to work on designing a mini-figure with measurements as close to the original as we could. This whole process was long, especially trying to get the measurements for each part to be able to connect perfectly. Eventually, we finally got the measurements down and were able to start fabricating. After a few failed first drafts and a few edits to the design, we all finished out 3D printed mini-figure.

The reason why this project took so long was because of the difficulty we had with scaling. When we created a part of the figure, we would need to adjust another part of the figure. Next time I work on a figure, I’ll create all of the moving pieces in the same file so they can print equally.

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