CCBC Project 6: Pinball (Capstone)

P6: Pinball Capstone


For our final project of the course, we were tasked with collaborating together as a group to create a pinball machine entirely out of fabricated parts. Each fabricated part had to be from a different type of fabrication machine, (CNC Mill, 3D printer, or laser cutter)


This was a long process, which started with a lot of research as to how to make a functional pinball machine. Youtube and Google were vital in helping us discern which parts to fabricate. For the frame of the Pinball, we laser cut the design out of wood. Then for the moving parts and mechanisms, we 3D printed everything we needed. Finally, we used the CNC mill for aesthetic design which added to the liveliness of the pinball.


The assignment I gave myself for this project was the installment of obstacles, such as the spinners, walls, and Pokeball. The spinners needed a few edits at the beginning but eventually, everything that we 3D print lined up perfectly with the surface of the pinball.  I was also in charge of the Pinball’s aesthetic, so as to change it from the bland wooden design to a fun game that all could enjoy. So with my teammate Jordan, we colored the pinball with various different designs, like the vines going up the side of the machine. I also added the stickers and such on the side.

To make the models for the pinball we used Fusion 360 and Inkscape. We used Fusion 360 to design the mechanics of the machine, such as the launcher, the flippers, and the spinners. For the flipper, our team used the information they found on a youtube tutorial to design it. The launcher was actually an original design of another one of my team members. I was overseeing the design and installment of the spinners. We were using Inkscape to design the frame of the Pinball, taking into account all of thee obstacles and moving parts.

After the project was finished and we were finally prepared for the showcase, I feel that I learned to appreciate the efficiency of teamwork. Not only that but also the importance of diligent research and study. Without these things, we wouldn’t have finished this project.


There were, however, there was one major issue with this project. Time. Before we started on our capstone, our teacher had left the program, leaving us in a sort of limbo for a few weeks. We weren’t exactly sure what to do and how to do it. Then we realized that the capstone was fast approaching, so we put ourselves into overdrive mode, which in the long run seemed to help us to produce our best work.


All in all the only thing I would do differently next time is to get ready for the capstone earlier. Otherwise, this project helped me to learn and grow in many different ways.

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