Posts made in January, 2017

Capstone Project Reflection

The capstone project prompt was to combine 2 units of your choice (circuts, 3D printing, scratch, Graphic Design, or wed design) and create a project. My project is an interactive spongebob squarepants. When...

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Spongebob progress 0

Spongebob progress

So far the progress i’ve made was 3D printing my actual model. Right now i’ve haven’t had any troubles. Making my shoes and prototyping my hat is working. I plan on making my pants and the...

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My Circuits Mini project 0

My Circuits Mini project

The Project Prompt was to make an interactive expirence My project was an interactive spongebob model I made this because i tought it would be cool to make it I planned this by looking up pictures online I...

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My Spongebob Capstone Project

For my capstone project i will be dooing a 3D printed Makey Makey Spongebob. I wanted to do this because i already made a prototype version of it so i decided to 3D print it. Also, i wanted to keep it simple...

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