Capstone Project Reflection

The capstone project prompt was to combine 2 units of your choice (circuts, 3D printing, scratch, Graphic Design, or wed design) and create a project.

My project is an interactive spongebob squarepants. When you touch a body part (feet or the eyes) he makes a sound.

I made this project because I really like the cartoon and i thought it would be cool to make one tha is my own and interactive.

I made it by 3D printing the body or the basic frame then i lined the walls on the inside with play-dough a.nd connected my aligator chips from the inside to wach body part. My process of making it was going on Tinkercad and making the frame but hollowing the inside out and making holes for each part. Then while that printed I started to make the other body parts like the legs (made out of PVC pipes) and an accessory which it his hat. After his body printed i made chothes out of tape and i put them on him. By the time i finished the whole project it was the day of the showcase so i put everything together and i got my results of the project.

One problen that i faced was getting my soundboard to act right because sometimes it would crash or keep on repeating. I overcame that challenge by re setting up my soundboard or moving it around and letting it rest.

I learned how to improvise, because i had to come up with ways to make my project look more realistic so i used the pipes, construction paper , and pipe cleaners to make the other parts and his hat.

I wouldn’t do anything differently next time. Im proud of my project and i thik i did a good job.

I would tell the person who i making this project to pay attention to the details like the holes and the design you do and how you do it because some of the things you add on may interfere with the main parts of your project.