3D Printer Build

While making my 3D printer I learned why the different components of the printer are so important to the way it functions. For example, the fans, they help cool the filament after it comes out of the hot end.

The biggest challenge of making the printer was wiring and building the main printing part. Because, it had a lot of parts and it got confusing at times. We solved this by working together and watching the video.

Im most proud of the fact that it turns on and could possibly work. Also, that we built the printer from parts in a box and a video.

It was cool to work with my team. We really didn’t have roles or responsibilities we just worked as we went along. We worked together when we got to hard parts of building. When someone didn’t get something someone else would help them. We also worked together when we wired and put on the motors.

In our group we really didn’t have any problems. We were able to work efficiently and get the printer done.

I would definitely build another build another printer, because it was a lot of fun to build