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Photon: Partner Blinking Activity 0

Photon: Partner Blinking Activity

The project prompt was to create a code and publish it to the cloud. Then have your partner publish a code that subscribes to the first code. First I had to figure out how to subscribe to my partners code....

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3D Printer Build 0

3D Printer Build

While making my 3D printer I learned why the different components of the printer are so important to the way it functions. For example, the fans, they help cool the filament after it comes out of the hot end....

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Capstone Project Reflection

The capstone project prompt was to combine 2 units of your choice (circuts, 3D printing, scratch, Graphic Design, or wed design) and create a project. My project is an interactive spongebob squarepants. When...

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Spongebob progress 0

Spongebob progress

So far the progress i’ve made was 3D printing my actual model. Right now i’ve haven’t had any troubles. Making my shoes and prototyping my hat is working. I plan on making my pants and the...

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My Circuits Mini project 0

My Circuits Mini project

The Project Prompt was to make an interactive expirence My project was an interactive spongebob model I made this because i tought it would be cool to make it I planned this by looking up pictures online I...

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My Spongebob Capstone Project

For my capstone project i will be dooing a 3D printed Makey Makey Spongebob. I wanted to do this because i already made a prototype version of it so i decided to 3D print it. Also, i wanted to keep it simple...

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