Capstone project 0

Capstone project

I made a food chain with an object base. The animals were made of there names. First i made it in Inkscape. I wrote the words then I chose an animal and finally used a tool to bend the letters to look like the animals. I had a problem getting the different letters to union. I got it to work by clicking on each individual letters and then clicking the union button. As I was making it I learned how to make an outline of the correlating to shapes, thus deleting the lines in the correlating space. I wish I had made the base bigger because I am going to use superglue to support it. right now my project has not cut so here is a picture of the finished dxf file.Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 5.41.48 PM

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lazer cutter maze 0

lazer cutter maze

For the past few day at DHF I have been designing and cutting a maze. It uses a 1/8 of an inch ball bearing that rolls through the maze. We started in Inkscape with a template. We then designed our maze onto a template. The maze had to be designed to specific dimensions. Here is a picture of the maze before it was cut.screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-4-37-31-pm

After it cut there were two wood pieces and one acrylic piece. One of the wood pieces was the base of the maze and the other was the walls.

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Positive negative space

We made a project on Inkscape using positive and negative space. Negative space is space that is white or would be cut away by a vinyl cutter and positive space is the opposite. I made chair that is also a table depending on how you look at it. I had a problem where when I drew it there were a lot of loose lines. My inspiration is I came up with a cult for chairs. Its god is the supreme chairman he is worshiped in chairches.

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vectorfab day 1 0

vectorfab day 1

We started this course with Inkscape. I just made a random logo in Inkscape. I just used the swirl tool and the word tool.screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-4-19-36-pm

Then i converted the file into a dxf and uploaded it to google docs folder.  After they did something that drew the file on paper and here is the final

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Arduino analog input 0

Arduino analog input

An Arduino is a micro controller, that can complete a circuit and uses simple code. A potentiometer is a analog input device that can have many settings. On a led you will see analog or digital output. A potentiometer is an analog input that has many different settings. The input can be converted to another set of numbers using the map code. I also used the print code to produce another window where I could see the input of the photoresister. I also made a hand that waves with a servo. I just copied someone else’s code that used a library. Then i just changed some numbers to suit my needs.


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zombie workshop day 2 0

zombie workshop day 2

Today, i drew a one to one replica of my shelter design model. It is two feet by two feet and has a scale of one inch to one foot.

Photo on 1-4-16 at 5.43 PM #2

My house is going to be in a fenced off area next to a giant green house. it is going to of made of sheet metal. I plan to use plastic wrap for the green house and the inside of cardboard for the house. I finished the design today and plan to build it the next 3 days.

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