CCBC: Laser cut maze

My favorite part was simply how fast the laser moved. The whole class was able to make the parts for the maze in 1 hour. Inkscape crashed a lot but did its job as a free application. First I made the design with the line tool then traced it.

then, from Inkscape download your design as a plain stl next upload it to google drive now go to the laser cutter and access your google drive, download your file Import your file into adobe illustrator and from there export the file as a dxf Now go to rabbit laser software and import your dxf file Now put the exhaust tube outside be sure to prop the door open with the block of wood turn it on with the big red pull button. it has a set speed power for the different materials and uses of the laser if you wanted a cut you would have a setting that would go slow and/or more power.   After the maze project, I was really proficient I used a new tool that lets you manipulate straight lines into curves.